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Our Mission and Purpose

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We believe it is our mission and purpose, as followers of Jesus, to reflect God’s healing in the world’s brokenness; to proclaim and embody God’s goodness, in the midst of the world’s rhetoric; to share God’s vision of peace, justice, and love in the world’s systems and structures; to promote God’s gift of life for all people.


We believe it is our mission and purpose to be an inclusive, affirming fellowship of mutual encouragement, support, and nurture, so that all people will be inspired to honor and serve God in their thoughts and actions, in their work and play, and in their private and public relationships.


We believe it is our mission and purpose to provide growth in the Christian life through services of worship and praise, through educational programs, and through outreach opportunities, so that people of all ages and circumstances may be enriched through the grace and love of God.


We believe it is our mission and purpose to be actively involved in our community, locally and globally, individually and collectively, so that we may serve, and learn from, our sisters and brothers in the world. Christ calls us to continue His work by endeavoring to bring healing where there is hurt; to strive for reconciliation where there is conflict; to break down barriers in the name of Christ; to cherish and respect God’s gift of creation, and to make our community a more humane place to live.


We believe it is our mission and purpose to have within our congregation a climate of acceptance, love, and tolerance, so that we may celebrate God’s unity in the midst of human diversity and live together in freedom of worship and expression.

Our Involvement in our community and our world
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