Rev Kurtz and Rev Kim perform Communion
Children's Time


This is a general listing of services. Please check the calendar for updates on specific service dates and times.

9:30 a.m. Sunday School

Classes for our younger members:

  • Elementary


Adult Sunday School Classes:

  • Tracy Akins Class - Uniform Bible Series

  • Discovery Class - A variety of curriculum designed for parents of young children and teenagers.

  • Pastors' Class - Discussion class featuring theological discussions of current issues and concerns

10:30 a.m. Worship/Child Care

Child care is available for all Sunday, Lent and Kirk Night.  We also provide child care during our session meetings, deacon meetings and committee meetings, if needed.


We provide a safe, monitored environment for your child to enjoy while you are doing God's work.  You will need to schedule your childcare needs with us during meetings.  We will ensure that there is someone here to care for your child.

After Worship Fellowship Hour

After worship we meet in the Fellowship Hall, where we greet one another, welcome visitors, and highlight the significant events in the life of the church. The spacious room allows opportunity for the kids to run and play and adults to fellowship with one another.