Why worship?


Because gratitude, awe, and wonder are at the heart of spirituality, and because community is the context in which we are renewed in hope and challenged to grow, come worship with us on Sunday mornings  10:30 a.m.


Why service?


Because the essence of life is  not to live for ourselves, but to find our joy in serving others, join us in caring for our community.  We are involved in many ways, some described here our website or talk to our members.  Because you have gifts to offer, too, come help us love our neighbors.


Why learning groups?


Because we will never have it all figured out, because we do not have all the answers, because there is always more to learn, because we all need to keep growing, join us as we study together.   Some of us meet for Sunday school at 9:30 (including adults), some come to the Monday Morning Seekers group.  Some attend the Interfaith Fellowship at the Literacy Council.  Some study the Enneagram as part of their spiritual development.  Come, learn with us.


Why this church?


We seek to be an  Inclusive Alternative 


Ready for an alternative to church as usual?

Ready to be engaged:

  • with the issues of our day

  • with people in our community

  • with intentional spiritual practices? Not with judgment, fear, and condemnation,


Not with judgment, fear, and condemnation,

Not with sentimentality and blind optimism.


But, with hearts open to God

who is Spirit,

who is the ground of our being,

who is the depth dimension in life,

who, ultimately, is Love.


As we see in the teaching and life of Jesus,

we live into hope and joy,

trusting that we live in God,

who calls us daughters and sons,

and invites us, 

and everyone else,

to share a common table.


Welcome to an inclusive community.

Welcome to Central Presbyterian Church Fort Smith