In-Person Worship Guidelines

                           Central Presbyterian Church

            New Relaxed Guidelines for Indoor Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

                              05/12/2021 Revision


Added/Modified activities for the Pandemic worship service.


  Services will continue to be recorded and posted to our Church YouTube channel for anyone who is 

  unable to attend in person.


  1. Fully vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks in worship,  aftert they have taken thier seats (please continue to wear masks as you enter and exit the building)

  2. Fully vaccinated people are ask to sit no closer than three feet from others, not in their bubble.

  3. There is no further need for contact tracing, 

  4. There is no further need for temperature checks, 

  5. There is no further need for reservations for attendance. 

  6. All entrances to the church building will now be open for Worship services with new signage stating masks and social distancing are still required for non fully vaccinated individuals,  

  7. Communion will be served weekly in the following manner:  the elements of bread and juice will be available to be picked up on the way into the santurary and may then be consumed during the communion service or taken and consumed later. 

  8. We will NOT revive Passing the Peace at this time.  

  9. Laying on of Hands May take place if the persons being ordained have been fully vaccinated. 

  10. Wind instruments will be allowed in the Worship service in the sanctuary.  

  11. The offering plate should remain stationary at the front of the sanctuary as it is currently and will NOT be passed.  

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