In-Person Worship Guidelines

                           Central Presbyterian Church

            Guidelines for Indoor Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

                              10/07/2020 Revision


Added/Modified activities for the Pandemic worship service.


  Services will be recorded and posted to an online platform for congregants

  unable to attend in person.


  Included in the weekly bulletin will be instructions on the following

  safety guidelines.


    1.  Wearing of masks covering both nose and mouth are required except under

        the following conditions.


        a.  Worship leaders, while addressing the congregation.

        b.  Performing singers, while singing.

        -   The above individuals must stand at a 12' distance from others

            while speaking or singing without a mask.

        c.  Face coverings for children under 2 years old are prohibited by 

            the CDC guidelines.


    2.  Six feet social distancing applies to all aside from family groups

        or couples both inside and outside.


    3.  Refrain from physical contact with each other outside family groups

        or couples, no handshaking, touching, or embracing.


  The entrance to the sanctuary will be limited to the door nearest the piano.


  Signs will be posted at the entrance to the sanctuary indicating the following - 


    Sign #1


    No entrance into this worship area -

      1.  Without the wearing of a mask covering both nose and mouth.

      2.  If you have had a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher in 

          the past 2 days.

      3.  If you have a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, new loss of

          taste or smell, or any other symptoms typical of Covid-19.

      4.  If you have had known exposure to someone with Covid-19 in the past

          14 days.


    If you are 65 or more years old or have underlying health conditions you

    are at higher risk for severe illness if infected by Covid-19.


    Sign # 2


    Before you enter into the Sanctuary -

      1.  You must wear a mask that covers both nose and mouth.

      2.  You have the option of using provided hand sanitizer.

      3.  Have your temperature taken.  

      4.  Provide contact information in case of reported incident of Covid-19.


    Maintain a distance of 6 feet from others at all times except for family 

    groups or couples.    


    Seating will be done by filling the sanctuary from back to front.  After 

    the postlude, congregants will leave front to back.


  Communion will be offered weekly using pre-packaged sealed bread and juice.

  Congregants will pick up the communion elements at the entrance to the

  sanctuary.  The elements will be blessed during the service and consumed

  individually off campus after the service.


  Offerings will be placed in offering plates at the front of the pews on entry

  or exit from the sanctuary.


  Food cart donations will be placed in collection bins by the donors as they

  enter the sanctuary.


  Extra face masks will be available at the entrance to the sanctuary.


  Bulletins will be pre-placed 6 feet apart in the available pews.


  Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at all public entrances to the church.  


  Pews will be roped or taped off to indicate acceptable seating.


  Lines or cues for entrance and exit to the sanctuary must be marked for

  maintaining a distance of six feet between people.


  All high-touch surfaces in the sanctuary and common areas must be sanitized after

  and between services.


  Congregants planning to attend an in-person service will call the church office

  and provide their contact information the week prior to the service.  If 

  someone fails to pre-call, they can provide contact information at entry to

  the sanctuary.


  Hymnals, bibles, offering envelopes, pencils, pew cushions, etc. must be removed

  from the sanctuary prior to the worship service. 


  Bathroom use is at the discretion of each individual.


 Suspended activities for the Pandemic worship service.


  Meet and greet times before, during, and after the service will be suspended

  during the pandemic.


  Hymn singing and anthems will be suspended during the pandemic.  Hymns and 

  the anthem will be added for the online service. 


  Distribution and signing of friendship pads will be suspended during the



  Having people come forward to the common table area will be avoided.

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