As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A), Central Presbyterian Church is organized according to the denomination's Book of Order.  Men and women are nominated and elected by the congregation to serve three year terms as ordained elders and deacons, and as trustees.



This is the decision-making body of the congregation. It is comprised of 12 elders elected by the congregation.  The Session is moderated by the pastor.  There are seven committees each moderated by the elders and comprised of members of the congregation and interested friends (committee list).  The session is responsible for the oversight of the mission of the congregation.




The Board of Deacons is given responsibilities assigned by the session.  There are 12 members (elected to three-year terms) one of whom is a youth deacon (who serves a one-year term). The members of the congregation are divided into geographical parishes.  Each Deacon is assigned a parish in order to provide care and nurture to the members. Some of the activities sponsored by the Deacons include: Spring Feast, Parish Dinners, All Church Picnic, delivering poinsettias and lilies to the homebound, welcoming new members, accompanying the pastors in serving communion to the homebound, delivering a rose to families who have a new baby, and sending "Care Packages" to members in college.

Deacon's Members 

 Chris Hlavin (2021)                        Renda Cook (2022)                            Brian Pokornik (2023)

 Martin Hyatt (2021)                       Jo Hardy (2022)                                   Larry Hall (2023)

  Janis McClure (2021)                    Linda Riley (2022)                              Betty McSwain (2023)

 Theresa Hardgrave (2021)            Roberta Elliott (2022)                         



Members of the church who have served on the session and who have been given signature authority for financial matters.

 Jackie Franklin (2021)              Ken Cowan (2022)                 Carl Rose (2023)    


Mike McClure



Session Members                                                                          Clerk of Session

Mike McClure

Galen Hunter (2021)             Sandy Barron (2022)               Debi Wilkinson (2023)         

Gary Simpson (2021)            Mike McClure (2022)             Margaret Sparkman (2023)

Charles Cook (2021)             John Hale         (2022)              Suzanne Bethell (2023)

Cissy Rose (2021)                  

The church's committees manage and provide vision to all aspects of our activities including evangelism, outreach, ministries, financials, human resources and buildings.  The committees are led by the session members and are composed of church members and interested friends.